In episode 3 of the Ask Tim Grey Podcast, Tim and Renee open the show with some good news from a reader who had a problem that was talked about in episode 2. In addition, they discuss Adobe's announcement of a new lower-priced subscription option specifically aimed at photographers. Tim and Renee then discuss the issues raised in the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter for the week of September 2-6, 2013. That includes a recommendation for an iPhone app to create GPS track logs, recommendations for printing images to which painting effects from Snap Art 3 have been appled, a solution for cleaning metal contacts on cameras, making use of XMP sidecar files in Lightroom, and understanding metadata issues related to DNG files in Lightroom.

Show Notes:

Pixology Magazine:

Lightroom 5 video training bundle: 

Snap Art 3 from Alien Skin Software: 

Red River Paper: 

Reed Hoffmann: 

DeoxIT Cleaning Products:

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